5 Exercises to Carve out 6-Pack Abs

5 Exercises to Help You Carve out 6-Pack Abs

Summer is already in full swing thanks to the fantastic weather, and it’s almost time to get out on the beach and enjoy showing off your summer body. However, you might feel like your body isn’t at its peak yet, but it’s still not too late to grind through some reps and carve out those 6-pack abs that you’ve been working towards.

In this article, we’ll be giving you five brilliant exercises that will help you speed up the process and carve out those 6-pack abs before you hit the beach.


A simple no-equipment exercise that you can do virtually anywhere with a mat. It targets your upper and lowers abs together, making it versatile as well as being easy to perform. Simply sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Have your hands holding onto the sides for support. Bring your legs up as far as possible while also bringing your torso towards your legs. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return to the start and repeat it.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are an excellent move to target the obliques. The side-to-side twisting motion activates the rectus abdominis and also helps to work those love handles. Simply lay on your back on the floor. Extend your legs and bend your arms with your hands by your ears. Contract your core and raise your upper body off the floor, twisting to the side as you do it. Next, bring your opposite leg up during the twist so your knee touches your elbow. Once they’re close to touching, pause for a moment then lower your leg. As you do this, repeat the same movement on the other side of your body.

Exercise Ball Knee Tuck

This simple move requires an exercise ball and targets the obliques, triceps, chest, and shoulders. Position yourself prone with legs extended, balancing your forefoot on your exercise ball. Your hands should be under your shoulders, elbows straight. Once balanced, contract your abs and bring your knees to your chest, rolling on the ball. Pause when contracted and then reverse your direction, rolling the ball out as you extend.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is a cardio exercise, but it can also target your abs if you focus on your core. It’s fantastic for calorie burning but also helps your upper body. Start in a plank position first, then pull your right knee towards your chest. As you do this, tighten your abs so you don’t break your plank. Switch to the other knee will simultaneously push your other leg back. Repeat this so that you’re in a “running” motion.

Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging knee raises are excellent for the lower abs and obliques. Get into a hanging position with an overhead bar, using a slightly wider grip than usual. Contract your abs and lift your knees up as high as you can. Remain as motionless as possible so that you aren’t swinging. Hold the position, then lower your knees to finish the rep.

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