4 Inexpensive Ways to Market Yourself Online

Marketing should never be something you have to break the bank for, especially in this day and age when the Internet can give you access to numerous tools and vehicles for marketing yourself cheaply. This can actually be something a problem, though — there are so many different ways to market yourself online, many entrepreneurs who are just starting out don’t exactly know where to start.

Never fear. I’ve got four inexpensive ways to market yourself online with little tips and tricks for how to do so in the most valuable way possible.

  1. Social Media

First and foremost, social media should be your go-to marketing vehicle. It’s essentially free unless you want to invest money into it, and even then the capital required is small — especially for the return on investment.

You’ll need to establish which social media sites suit your business. For instance, your jewelry ecommerce store may not benefit from LinkedIn like it would from Instagram or Pinterest. Then find inventive ways to promote yourself on these social sites, like coupon codes or freebies. Always pay attention to your engagement on social media: who is talking to you, and are you talking back?

  1. Online Reviews

Online review sites are a great way to market yourself cost effectively, mostly because you’re not even really doing the work involved! Always make a point to ask your customers to post reviews of your service — make things simply by including it in your site or email copy. The site you choose should coincide with your business theme. Sites like Yelp and a Google My Business page can do wonders for your word of mouth marketing capabilities.

  1. Blogging

A business blog can help you market your brand, boost your SEO AND give you great visibility — so why aren’t you doing it yet? Consider things like partnering with an influencer or related company to double your visibility while promoting valuable content. Your blogs are also a great way to market your business in a subtle way, like talking about the benefits of your business in an otherwise informative article.

Your blog can also act as your on-site press room. When you have news you want to share, do it via a blog post! Then share that blog post on social media for maximum results. This takes little to no capital, and blog posts are cheap if you want to outsource them.

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Online marketing is essentially finding ways on the Internet that put your brand in the spotlight. Doing things like answering Quora questions our joining industry relevant forums can promote you as a thought leader while also boosting your brand within the public consciousness.

Always be innovative and look for opportunities. I can’t give you all the advice you’re looking for because I don’t know what opportunities may come your way. The best marketing advice I can give you is to stay hungry and always keep a watchful eye out for ways to promote yourself online. It’s easier to find cheap marketing vehicles than you may think.

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