Create your Own Mastermind Group

3 Ways to Create your Own Mastermind Group

If you are looking for a mastermind group to push past a problem and start thinking creatively, you will need to think carefully about the kind of people you recruit. Problem solving is always about something in a new and creative way so it follows that your process will need to be new and creative too.

Always Recruit Diversely

Diversity is getting more and more attention but unfortunately, it is always more about being inclusive and looking good rather than creating the perfect team. The truth of the matter is that diversity comes in many forms and the more you can tick off the more likely your team will be able to solve any problem put in front of them.

So don’t just think about skin color, think about where people have been brought up and how, what their life experiences are, what their skills are, what their outlook is, how they communicate, what their specialisms are. Businesses are fast realizing that hiring the same people over and again isn’t working. Hire someone who doesn’t think like everyone else and with some encouragement, new ideas will blossom.

Search Near and Far

Technology has well and truly changed the way that we do business now and remote workers are now just as easy to access as those in your hometown. This means that you can broaden your search for the perfect team members and focus on what you are looking for not where you are looking for it.

Conference calling is a good way to host the meeting and you can use tools like Trello to monitor what everyone is doing, even if you are spread across the continents. However, there is something to be said for all sitting in a room together so you should think about whether you are really looking for someone who can come into the office.

Look for Potential and Determination

It is always tempting to hire for experience but this isn’t what a mastermind group is about. Instead, you should be looking for potential, someone who might not have the experience yet but certainly can bring new and fresh ideas to the table. Young people are often overlooked because they lack experience and yet they are often the ones with a new perspective you need.

The other characteristic that shouldn’t be overlooked is determination. Some people are determined to overcome the odds to succeed and they are definitely the type of people you need to inject some enthusiasm into your group. Rather than shrugging at a problem, determined people will approach it from every angle until the problem is cracked. And that is a mastermind approach if ever there was one.

When you create your own mastermind team, you need to look past what you have already tried and go for something new. Put people who wouldn’t usually sit together in the same room and let them figure out the best method for solving the problem. All you need to do is let the magic work.

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