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3 Powerful Ways Quizzes Can Help Grow Your Brand

Last year, I was introduced to the prospect of using an online quiz to help grow my brand. I’d always been curious about their effectiveness and the reason behind their rising popularity, but I never gave using them a second thought. It looked too complicated. It seemed too pushy.

And, to be honest I use to think that quizzes were mostly used for lead capture and for companies to figure out which product or products they should sell you. And while that’s a good purpose, after trying out Interact, I quickly learned that implementing a quiz was quite useful in other ways too. Here are three ways a quiz can grow your brand.

1. Gives your audience insight

When I launched my first quiz, “Do You have the Entrepreneurial Mindset? Find Out!”, I wasn’t too sure what to expect since I hadn’t used them in the past. I found the process with Interact very user-friendly and their setup made creating the quiz a breeze.

After a couple of days, I check to see that only a few people completed my quiz but there were no lead captures. And even though there were no new leads, I was thrilled to see — in the statistics overview that Interact provides in the user dashboard — those who did complete the quiz, completed it 100% and it showed the quiz taker if they had the “entrepreneur mindset.”

A fun tidbit for those who enjoy these types of quizzes and seek feedback from people outside of their inner circle. By giving your audience something to look forward to I’m sure they’ll be more likely to visit your site and tell others about you as well.

2. Gain insight into what your audience is interested in

When growing your business and working to build an audience, you’ll find it very valuable to know what they’re interested in. Using a quiz will help you ask specific questions in regard to which products they like. Is it your latest ebook they seem to enjoy or was it the recent podcast episode?

You can also use your quiz as a poll to determine which products or services are more popular than others; This is a great way to figure out how you can customize and tailor your brand to those who are interested. When you know how the audience benefits, you can focus your attention on further product development so they gain a truly unique experience.

3. Encourages people to engage with your brand

Quiz products like those offered by Interact are a great way to encourage audience and visitor engagement. Whether you’re launching a fun quiz to entertain your audience or a quiz more tailored to gain feedback for your business, this platform is the perfect option. It’s an easy go-to if you’re looking for ways to highlight your brand’s overall style, look, and tone.

A sleek pop-up or eye-catching announcement bar with a trend-worthy question might just be a solution to getting your brand the attention it needs. Even the questions and personal branding within the quiz can connect people with the uniqueness of your brand making the quiz itself an interaction they look forward to.

This year, I plan to launch more quizzes through Interact. It’s been a great experience so far and I intend to do a bit more customization on the backend by crafting new questions and themes. Overall, Interact has been proven to be an asset by showing me several ways I connect with my target audience and also increase brand engagement.

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